Monday, January 28, 2008

Blue 2.0: Bloglines

So, for Week 3 I have set up a Bloglines account which I meant to do on my own a long long time ago. So this was easy and very useful. I expect to be using this news feed quite a bit. Right now the trick will be determing which feeds I need to add, delete and try out.

I am currently subscribed to the following:
* Blue 2.0 - of course, however I could never find anything that said 'Copy Link Location' so it is quite possible that I subscribed to that one incorrectly. Should it say Blue 2.0 - Weeks 3 and 4 in the feed list?
* BBC - the front page and the technology section
* Daily Show Videos
* Salon
* Dilbert
* PC Mag
* The Shifted Librarian
* Word of the Day
* Librarian's Internet Index: new this week
* Wired: Top Stories

I would like to subscribe to Stacey's blog when I find it!

This exercise was really fun!!!

Blue 2.0 : IM via AIM

Well.... setting up an AIM account was not as intuitive as setting up a blog on Blogger. I was quite surprised that this application launched so many useless screens full of products that I am not interested in. Personally, I like texting on Facebook much better!!

My AIM screen name is KyAgLib -- yes, I am 'aiming' for consistency. Do I get extra points for that?

I am looking forward the future weeks of Blue 2.0!!

Blue 2.0: AIM Express

Well, I was rather surprised to find that setting up my AIM account was not quite as intuitive as I expected since the application launched so many useless screens full of products I do not need. Clearer instructions would be useful next time.

So my AIM screen name is KyAgLib which is no surprise of course. I 'aiming' for consistency so it will easier to remember.

Once this is set up it might be useful, but right I find that Facebook meets my needs for social networking and chatting since I link it to my cell phone and to my email. It was much more intuitive and I learned how to use it without someone giving me instructions.

I am looking forward to Blue 2.0 future weeks....

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Blue 2.0: Twelve Weeks to a Connected Library: Participants

Blue 2.0: Twelve Weeks to a Connected Library: Participants

Howdy! I finally created a blog called KyAgLibrarian at

Blue 2.0: Up and Running

So, it is now official we have a blog for posting information related the agriculture, biology and other life sciences at the University of Kentucky. Yea! This blog is hosted by the UK Agricultural Information Center.